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I am retired now but do miss working. I have four wonderful children, who have provided me with 12 grandchildren and three great-grandchildren.
I love to play poker and the slots on the computer and really any kind of games. I love Facebook, and keeping up with my big family of children, grandchildren and nieces and nephews (I have 34 of them, and they have have a lot of children too). I also do some reading and have loved traveling too. After my children got into school, I went back to work, working at banks and insurance companies. After my husband died in 1995, I realized I had to make more money to survive, so in 1997, I helped open Harrah's Casino and worked there until 2004, in the Slot Department. Most fun job I ever had! I retired finally in 2009, and now stay home, for the most part. I grew up in Brentwood, married a guy from Maplewood High School (whom I met in Junior Achievement) and we lived in Maplewood. We moved to Fenton, in Jefferson County, when my oldest child was a sophomore at Maplewood. All my children graduated in the 80's from Northwest High School in House Springs. I moved back to Maplewood in 2002, and bought a house  across the street from my son. It was actually a "coming home" experience for me, when I bought my house.
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