Big Ride Across America Crosses 1,000 mile mark

Riders crossing South Dakota until July 12.

Somewhere in Wyoming...The 18 riders on the Big Ride Across America for the American Lung Association have crossed a milestone. They passed 1,000 miles on a journey that takes them 3,300 miles onto the Mall in Washington, D.C.

Our blogger Larissa Powers says the ride out of Wyoming and into South Dakota represents everything they love about riding across America and at the same time, presents a great challenge with so much head wind.

None the less, by Sunday the riders will have reached Rapid City, S.D. and will entered Minnesota on July 12, crossing from DeSmet S.D. into Tyler, M.N. some 77 miles across the border. By then, they will be officially in the upper midwest with their sites on Wisconsin, Illinois then Indiana.

The riders are overwhelmed by the breathe taking scenery, including mountains, desolate roads, rapid streams and clear blue skies. The weather has warmed considerably since leaving chilly Washington state on June 17.

No major injuries or illiness to report. The riders continue on their journey that will take them to 11 states in 48 days.

The big winner is the American Lung Association, sponsors of this 14th annual ride across America.

Follow Larissa Powers' blog for updates and photos and more.


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