9 Ways to Blow Up Your Bank Account at the Fireworks Stand

Celebrate Independence Day by launching a paycheck’s worth of rockets into the night sky.

It’s hard to shop for fireworks on a budget, especially when you want to impress your neighbors. Bottle rockets and sparklers might be fine for the kids, but if you want to really light up the night, you’ll need to go to the legal limit: 500 gram cakes.

Cakes are multi-shot aerial displays wired together on one fuse and packaged in a box, rather than on a stick. They can have up to 500 grams of fireworks chemicals in one unit and are basically a self-contained fireworks show.

Patch checked out a couple fireworks stands in High Ridge and found a few of the biggest bad boys that will delight your family while gobbling up your holiday budget. Molly Brown, with a huge tent at the corner of Delores Drive and Hwy 30 (across from the ), has been in business since 1954 and has a year-round store in Pacific. C-4 Fireworks set up its first High Ridge tent this year and is owned by the folks behind S&J Sno-Balls in the . Their tent is next door to in High Ridge.

Biggest blast on a stick: This one’s called Rocket Fashion and for $22.50 you get a five-pack of  aerial rockets that will pack a bigger wallop than any bottle rocket ever could. Each rocket has a different effect, from “brocade crown” to “crackling coconut tree” and all finish with a “golden tail.” From Molly Brown.

But it’s only $9.16 each: PyroMan packs 500 grams of “display shell” fireworks into nine tubes, which last about  25 seconds according to their catalog. At $82.50, this was one of the more expensive single unit fireworks Patch found. From Molly Brown.

100 bucks of fun: Actually, American Thunder is only $98.50, but close enough. This plain brown paper crate has 164 tubes under the wrapper and launches zipper shaped comets with either loud reports or whistling, in four groups. It’s lasts about 40 seconds. From Molly Brown.

We just like the name: Legally Blinding sells for $60 and is another 500 gram battery with ten tubes that fires off green glitter and red stars. From Molly Brown.

What a mother: Mother Load, from Molly Brown’s private label “Caliber Fireworks”, this 500-gram cake shows just what happens to your money on the Fourth of July. It shoots off in a colorful dahlia shape with crackling stars, for just 60 bucks. From Molly Brown.

Maybe it should be called Ultimate Gush: Ultimate Rush is another 500-ram whopper from Molly Brown. For $90 you get 202 shots of red, green and blue comets with a gold, red and blue finale.

Put your money in the can: Supernova Cans are a mere $25 for a pack of eight shells that you load into a 1.75 inch tube. Each can is labeled, so you know what you’re firing off, from green and purple stars to crackling flowers. From C-4 Fireworks.

Eighty-eight pounds of fun: Why bother hand selecting each firework for your Independent Day celebration—just grab a handy pre-packaged collection! C-4 has the biggest money gobbler Patch found: the $499 dollar “Brothers Container Load.” It’s a 30-piece assortment with three artillery shell kits, Roman candles, fountains, five-mine cakes and six heavyweight 500-gram cakes. Fun for the whole family! From C-4 Fireworks.

The dragon ate my wallet: For $120 you can get a nine-shot cake called Dragon Ball at C-4 Fireworks. It’s a 20-inch tall artillery shell that blasts off sparkling balls of flower shaped fun. From C-4 Fireworks.


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