8 Off the Hook Ice Cream Flavors to Mark the Start of Summer

Is vanilla ice cream just too vanilla for you? Spice up your summer with these cool bacon, garlic or jalapeño treats.

Thirty-one fruity flavors just not enough to excite your taste buds anymore? Do you long for something more from your ice cream than sweet creamy coolness? What about getting a double scoop of garlic ice cream, a bacon sundae or a jalapeño shake? Mmmmmm, now we’re talking.

Paper umbrella not included: can scoop up a non-alcoholic cocktail treat for you. Try their  Amaretto, rum, banana rum, chocolate rum or pina colada flavors next time you’re in the mood for an afternoon happy hour.

King of bacon. Not to be outdone by their burger rivals, this summer joins the bacon extravaganza with a bacon sundae. The dish is made of vanilla soft serve ice cream drizzled with caramel and chocolate sauce, then sprinkled with bacon. Get it now, it’s a limited time offer.

Candy bacon at home: Think you can top the King? Try making your own candied bacon ice cream, from scratch. Click here for the recipe from David Lebovitz, an American pastry chef living in Paris.

Cold Joe: Starbucks isn’t just for winter warm ups, they have staked out the freezer aisle too. Pick up a pint of coffee ice cream at , or . The ice cream isn’t available at your local Starbucks—you’ll have to make do with a Frappuccino which is blended from coffee, ice and cream.

Jalapeno Ice: It’s hot, it’s cold, it’s ice cream from Tabasco. Jalapeno ice cream is available as a mix you buy online and whip up at home. Click here for the full recipe.

Garlic, it’s not just for pasta: The great minds at Garlic Festival Foods have dreamed up a garlic ice cream recipe you can try at home. If you dare.

Leave it to the Japanese: East meets West in a head on collision at the ice cream parlor. The Japanese love to “improve” upon Western inventions, which has led to the invention of octopus, fish and chicken wing flavored ice creams. We’re not sure if you can get these stateside, and we’re not too keen on looking, either.

Sushi fake out: If real fish ice cream just seems too extreme for your taste buds, the Marble Slab Creamery at West County Center can mock up a batch of “sushi” cupcakes for your next party. The mini ice cream cakes are topped with coconut flake “rice” and gummy fish.


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