Rockwood Swimmers Help Charities

In addition to representing the area in competitions, Rockwood Swim Club members assist a variety of charitable causes throughout the year.

Thirty-five members of the Rockwood Swim Club Association (RSCA) participated in the Adam Morgan (AM) Fun Run, a fundraiser for families raising children with autism.

Kelley Morrison, assistant national group coach led the RSCA group, which included swimmers, coaches and parents. 

"The AM Fun Run was a great event for our club to become involved with," said Morrison.

"Rachel Morgan, Adam Morgan's mother, organized an incredible race, with prizes, food, and entertainment afterward. The run was not only fun, but also for a great cause. The swimmers and parents were both motivated and supportive. I am extremely proud of our swimmers, as they did an amazing job of representing Rockwood Swim Club"

She said they plan to participate in more 5K and 10K races in the future.

The 2nd annual AM twilight 5K and 10K races were held along the banks of the Missouri River in St. Charles. The AM Foundation's mission is to provide resources, equipment and interventions to families raising children with Autism Spectrum Disorders at the age of three and older at little to no cost to the families.

The foundation's 2nd annual golf outing will be held June 12 at Innsbrook Golf Resort. The group also provides summer camps.

RSCA participants from Wildwood included:  Lucas Bruder, Gretchen Cox, Alec Morgan, Kelley Morrison (coach), Laura and Taylor Paskoff, Emma and Mae Riordan, Jordan Stout and Jackie Kershner (parent/team trainer) and Patrick Vega.

RSCA participants from Eureka were:  Tommy and Tom Lombardo (parent and coach).

Participating in RSCA from Ballwin was:  Garin Marlow.

RSCA participants from Fenton were:  Xander Garcia, and Brendan, Bianca and Sue Ninneman (parent).

RSCA participants from Chesterfield were:  Jacob Alspaw, Laura Bilsborrow, Nick and Matt Davis, Josh Daminato, Tasha and Raquel Porporis, Liza and Kevin Poskin, Trae Schuller and Abby Watson.

Participating in RSCA from Washington was:  Abby Yenzer.

Participating in RSCA from Des Peres were: Sean Feher and Lauren Votava.

Participating in RSCA from Lake St. Louis was:  Sarah Sutherlin.

Participating in RSCA from St. Charles was: Cecelia and Tennyson Henry.

Mary Liston, RSCA national coach said the club's national group participates in several outreach events every year, including an annual Swim-a-Thon in May. "We will be donating part of the proceeds to Nothing but Nets, which is a malaria net project of Rick Reilly and Sports Illustrated."

She said in the fall, the club collected and donated 817 pairs of shoes to Shoeman.org for water projects in Africa, and attended a Pet Rescue Run. 

"Last summer, we had a food drive to buy backpacks for Circle of Concern. Our swimmers enjoy being involved in the community and giving back," she said.

Editor's Note: Thanks to Eureka-Wildwood Patch reader, Rhonda Vega, for providing details for this article.


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