Next Step For Life Athletes Bring Home Medals

Medals were earned in softball, bowling and bocce

NextStep for Life, a Jefferson County organization that supports people with disabilities with eduction, employment and residential programs, recently had 41 bowlers compete in the St. Louis Metro Special Olympics Area tournament in St. Peters. They competed alongside more than 500 athletes from St. Louis and surrounding counties. NextStep bowlers brought home 22 gold medals, 13 silver medals, five  bronze medals and one fourth place finish.

NextStep for Life develops ability by providing support to individuals with disabilities to pursue a life of quality and dignity; offering a comprehensive range of integrated support services while providing professional, progressive programs and services. Visit its website here.

Next Step For Life also fielded teams in the Special Olympics Missouri State Fall Softball Games in Cape Girardeau. Gold Medals were awarded to the Hawks team, consisting of Nathan Bates, Donna Farley, Brock Guseman, Jane Howell, Michelle Joyce, Jaime Rosso, Janet Rulo, Don Schrameyer, Becca Tincknell and Brandi Wiseman. The coaches were Kathy Witmeyer, Bruce Witmeyer and Terri Dallas.

Softball silver medals were won by the Jets squad, which included Michelle Beaman, Paul Burnett, John Burnett, Tony Cornman, Kathleen Cullen,Matt Dettmer, Dallas Giffin, Jim Rennick, David Robinson and Greg Smith. The coaches were Bob Souders, Rick Rennick and Tom Guseman.

The Next Step For Life Giants team won bronze medals. Team members are  Jennifer Craig, Richie Dowdell, Greg Eaton, Vickie Elliott, Danny Hageman, Alex Lang, Kelly McGrath, Audrea Rentchler, Diana Teague, Tiffany Turek and Norman Wooldridge. The coaches were Amanda and Michelle Lang.

NextStep for Life Bocce athletes also participatefd in the Cape Girardeau Games.

Individual gold medals were won by Rob Kissee, Brock Guseman, Dallas Giffin, Thomas Frost, Jeanna Huntington, Jaime  Rosso, Shaun Lynch and Tom Beck.

Doubles gold medals were won by Melissa Buss/Katrina Kaylor and Jane Howell/Becca Tincknell.

Individual silver medals were won by Tony Messmer, Curt Martin, Alex Lang and Drew Vines.

Jim Rennick won an individual bronze medal and Giustina Drago and Norman Woolridge has fourth place finishes.



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