One Picture is Worth 2000+ Lindbergh Students

Entire Lindbergh High School student body is captured in single photograph taken from the press box at the football field.

Lindbergh students decided they wanted to do something a little different this year when it was time to take the annual student body photograph. So, using marching band software, the word "Lindbergh was mapped out on the football field. All that was left was for the students and the teaching ataff to fill in the rest. The photo of the entire 2004-member student body and teaching staff was taken from the football field press box. Director of community relations Beth Cross shared the result of the photo shoot.

Denise Bertacchi October 12, 2011 at 11:09 PM
Cool shot. My school did that too--Grandview--but with 200 kids, we just formed a clump around the 50 yard line. The nice thing is that we could crop in close enough that you could see our faces! It was used for a yearbook cover, with us facing forward on the front and turned around in the back. Ah, the 80s.


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