Lindbergh Football Association Seeks More School Board Support for Junior Programs

Association President Bill Manley asked the district's board of education for help in addressing scheduling and other conflicts.

The president of the Lindbergh Football Association is asking the district’s school board for more concrete support of the parent organization.

The programs, targeted for younger athletes, use  playing fields. Bill Manley acknowledges it places a stress on the facilities, and has occasionally created tensions with the high school program.

“We feel a little unwanted up here,” he said. While he expressed his thanks to the board and the district for the backing it has given so far, he said he'd like a more firm commitment from the board on scheduling and other issues.

Manley made his request to the board at its regular meeting Tuesday, where he said the association has grown beyond a simple booster club to one that fosters football programs for primary and middle school athletes.

The setup provides a great boost for the kids, Manley said, and helps them remain committed to the sport. 

Manley also said the association may be open to using the facilities at the district’s two middle schools, if necessary. Keeping the program going and thriving serves a greater purpose, he said.

“It’s not about winning and losing games. It’s about winning and losing kids,” he said.

Lindbergh School Board President Vic Lenz said he would address Manley’s concerns specifically in a letter and added that the district completely supports the efforts of the football association.

“We want to work with you in every way that we can,” Lenz said. 


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