Jeff Sass is Rockwood South Teacher of the Year

Sass will be recognized with other honorees on May 6.

In the Rockwood School District, each school selects its own teacher of the year who then completes the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) application for the district level program.

Each school's Teacher of the Year will be recognized during the ROSE award ceremony in the Rockwood District on May 6. At that time, the elementary, middle and high school teachers of the year also will be announced. The announcements wilol be followed by the announcement of the Rockwood Teacher of the Year.

In Fenton area schools, the teachers of the year are:

  • Gail Piepho,
  • Philomena Burke,
  • Amy Wiedemann,
  • Marjorie Woods,
  • Jeffrey Sass,
  • Kathleen Larocco,
  • Kathleen Patrick,

Other Rockwood teachers of the year are:

  • Robyn Campbell, Babler Elementary School
  • Debra Marsh, Fairway Elementary School
  • Megan Limpert, Ballwin Elementary School
  • Christine Haeffner, Geggie Elementary School
  • Carla O'Dell, Blevins Elementary School
  • Lisa Wilkinson, Green Pines Elementary School
  • Rochelle Bower, Selvidge Middle School
  • Sharon Arsenault, Kehrs Mill Elementary School
  • Janice Wenger, Center for Creative Learning
  • Patrick Fine, Chesterfield Elementary School
  • Chris Lofgren, Lafayette High School
  • Kimberly Duncan, Westridge Elementary School
  • Michael A. Schneider, Crestview Middle School
  • Mary Heinemann, LaSalle Springs Middle School
  • Julianne Russell, Wild Horse Elementary School
  • Scott Szevery, Marquette High School
  • Kimberly Jennings, Wildwood Middle School
  • Amanda Rauckman, Ellisville Elementary School
  • Natalie Ganz, Pond Elementary School
  • Nell Hubacher, Woerther Elementary School
  • Eileen Delia, Eureka Elementary School
  • Alessandra Pennycuick, Ridge Meadows Elementary School
  • Matt Hoevelman, Eureka High School
  • Christine Podgornik, Rockwood Valley Middle School




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