Fenton Seeks Richmond Heights' Help on Sales Tax Distribution Issue

Ne response on a request by Fenton to share lobbying efforts on a potential law to change the way sales tax revenue is distributed in St. Louis County

St. Louis County's sales tax sharing plan was an issue at Monday’s Richmond Height’s city council meeting.

City Manager Amy Hamilton said the City of Fenton sent Richmond Heights Mayor James Beck a note voicing concerns about the sharing of tax revenue among the various municipalities in St. Louis County. The issue was discussed during the 2012 Missouri legislative session.

Fenton wants those cities that generate large amounts of tax revenue due to a large retail base, like Richmond Heights and Fenton, to hire a lobbyist to represent their interests in Missouri’s General Assembly. Hamilton said Richmond Heights has not responded to the letter.

St. Louis County Municipal League Executive Director Tim Fischesser spoke before the council on the tax issue. The SLCPL is a non-profit organization that seeks to “improve the quality of municipal government in the St. Louis metropolitan area,” according to its website.

Fischesser said some legislators supported the sharing of less revenue amongst the county’s municipalities, some wanted more sharing and others wanted to end all sharing. No legislation has been passed or even made it out of house committee, he noted. Fischesser also said the small cities have already hired a lobbyist.  

Beck said the issue would be discussed againat the next meeting on Nov. 19.

Don November 09, 2012 at 06:19 PM
In the first place, there is no way a city the size of Fenton could support this "large retail base" with less than 6000 residents. A very large portion of the taxes generated by these retailers comes from residents of the surrounding areas. Fenton should not be so GREEDY! This type of thinking has to be put to rest. Just because the leaders of Fenton lost revenues through TIF give-a ways to entice these retailers to come to Fenton is no reason the entire county should suffer. A more regional approach is needed to combat the practice of playing one community against the other when mega-corporations shop for locations.


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