Chris Seemayer Banned From Missouri Casinos

The Missouri Gaming Commission added Seemayer to its involuntary exclusion list on Wednesday.

Chris Seemayer, the former Brentwood city manager convicted of from the city for gambling debts at an Illinois casino, has been banned from entering any Missouri casino, St. Louis Public Radio reports.

The Missouri Gaming Commission, on Wednesday, added Seemayer, who lives in Fenton, to its involuntary exclusion list.

The report also appeared on the Missouri Gaming Commission website.

From the commission's website, the list is for persons "deemed to be undesirable from the excursion gambling boat or adjacent facilities,” which includes those convicted of a crime that involves gambling.

The St Louis Public Radio article states Seemayer has 30 days to request a hearing on his placement on the list.

Seemayer was sentenced to five years probation with six months of home confinement and a $2,000 fine, for the conviction. He was also required to pay back the money he embezzled.


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