The Shoplifting Beat and Dumpster Diving

The following information was provided by the St. Louis County Police Department Fenton Precinct.

Two perople concealed miscellaneous items Jan. 3 at , 653 Gravois Bluffs Blvd., and left the store without paying. They were arrested.

A woman used a diaper bag and her purse to conceal a variety of items Jan. 5 at , 115 Gravois Bluffs Plaza, and then left the store without paying. She was arrested.

A woman ate candy and used makeup Jan. 6 at , 653 Gravois Bluffs Blvd., and the left the store without paying. She was arrested.

A summons was issued for a suspect who concealed several items Jan. 7 at and then left without paying.

A summons was issued for a suspect who was rummaging Jan. 6 through the Dumpster of a business on Water Street

A man who lives on Imperial Lane was issued a peace disturbance summons Jan. 2 for allowing his dog to bark excessively.

Three people were arrested Jan. 4 on suspicion of burglary of a home on Sennawood Drive.  The trio allegedly entered the victim's home through the rear door.

An investigation continues into the passing of a bogus check Jan. 6 in which a suspect paid the victim with a check from a closed account.

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Jenn January 18, 2013 at 07:29 AM
Seriously, someone received a summon's for "dumpster diving?!" It's totally legal in the USA unless the dumpster is locked up. Plus, who the hell cares if you're taking their WASTE???? It actually might save the company $$$ on waste removal services. Rediculous waste of time arresting dumpster divers when there are murderers, rapists and child abductors to be cought and arrested if you ask me. What is this country coming to? Lord have mercy!


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