Motorist Argues With Man Carrying a Machete

Incident report from the Jefferson County Sheriff's Department

The following incident report was reported by the Jefferson County Sheriff's Department.

A man said he and his girlfriend were travelling west on Highway 30 near Industrial in Cedar Hill when a motorist was following too closely. The man then pulled into a gas station and the motorist followed. The man said he then approached the male motorist and inquired about his driving. He told a sheriff's deputy the motorist then displayed a machete so the man returned to his vehicle. The motorist then drove away, nearly striking the original driver as he passed by. The man said he kicked the vehicle as it passed at which time the motorist exited his vehicle carrying the machete. The two men they got into an argument, after which the man with the machete re-entered his vehicle and drove away.   The suspect then reentered his vehicle and left the scene. The manager of a nearby store said she witnessed the incident and called 911. The license plate number provided for the suspect's vehicle did not return as valid and a review of video surveillance was unable to provide clarification on the plate. The incident is still under investigation.

For questions about this report, contact Dan Barger at Dan.Barger@patch.com


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