Pizza Driver Delivers and Never Returns

Weekly incident reports from the the Fenton Precinct.

The following information was reported by the St. Louis County Police Department Fenton Precinct.

Fenton Police Officer Aaron Dilks notes that a couple of vehicles were broken into last week, adding that the thieves "want to get your cash or credit cards and use them as many times as possible before you cancel them." Dilks advises, "Keep in mind if you go somewhere that you have to leave something valuable in your vehicle, place it in the trunk."

He said in one case last week that a woman put her purse in the back seat and covered it with a blanket. She didn’t know anything was stolen until she went to pay for something hours later. He said the door lock to her car had been punched out.

Last week's incidents include:

The pizza delivery employee from Tony B's Pizzeria, 544 Gravois Rd., worked a delivery shift then never returned with the money from sales, the pizza bags or a GPS device.  An investigation is ongoing.

A man selected four pairs of Wrangler pants May 15 at , 653 Gravois Bluffs Blvd., and made a merchandise return with them, receiving cash. He was arrested.

A woman concealed a hair coloring kit in her purse May 17 at , 653 Gravois Bluffs Blvd., and left the store without paying. She was arrested. 

A woman his make-up in her purse May 17 at 653 Gravois Bluffs Blvd., and left the store without paying. She was arrested.

Someone stole six flag sticks and wrote “class of 2012” in the sand May 14 at . 

Someone cut the plastic security bands from box car doors May 14 at Burlington Junction Railway, 2150 Bowles Ave.

Someone pried open the cabin of a tractor trailer May 14 at Road Ranger, 205 N. Highway Drive, and stole items from the interior.

A man entered after hours on May 19, damaging items and stealing several laptops.  An investigation is ongoing.


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