News Nearby: Mover Steals Gun, Tablet, Other Items in Fenton

A man enlisted the help of a "so-called" friend to move. But the woman loaded up more than $1,300 in the man's belongings, which never made it to his new home.

A man who enlisted help in moving into a new home Oct. 22 on River Road in Fenton ended up as a victim of a theft as one of his helpers drove off in his car with numerous of his personal items, according to the Jefferson County Sheriff's Department.

After loading up his personal items and arriving at the new residence, a woman helper drove off in the man's car that was filled with personal items. valued at $1,339. The man was able to reach the woman by phone, asking her to return with his vehicle and the other items.

She reportedly returned some of the belongings and the car but she left again and would not answer any subsequent phone calls. Still missing are a 40 caliber Sigma semi-automatic handgun, a Dell Streak 7 compact computer tablet, an HTC Wildfire cellphone, a fire safe, a Tom Tom GPS device, debit and credit cards and gift cards.

Sheriff's deputies located the woman and she was subsequently arrested on charges unrelated to the "moving day" incident. She was released Nov. 7. Warrants are being applied for in the River Road theft.


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