High Ridge Woman Facing Multiple Burglary Charges

Anna Messmer, 28, allegedly broke into five Fenton and High Ridge homes over a two-week period and stole numerous items including jewelry, electronics and cash.

A 28-year-old High Ridge woman is facing multiple second-degree charges in connection with five Fenton and High Ridge home burglaries.

Anna Messmer, of the 1600 block of South Golden Circle, allegedly broke into the homes and stole numerous items including jewelry, electronics and cash. The burglaries occurred over a two week period in August.

The first burglary happened on Aug. 15 in the 200 block of Nutmeg in Fenton. According to court documents, Messmer told detectives she entered the home and stole jewelry.

The other burglaries occurred between Aug. 25 and 27 at the following High Ridge homes:

  • 4800 block of East Golden Circle;
  • 1700 block of Robin Dr.;
  • 1700 block of Cardinal Dr.;
  • 1600 block of Golden Circle Dr.

Based on previous reports of burglaries in which Messmer was a suspect, detectives visited her home to question her about the four High Ridge burglaries, according to court documents. Messmer gave detectives consent to search her room, where they found several of the stolen items and burglary tools. 

She then provided detectives with a written statement in reference to the burglaries, saying she entered at least two residences in the Quiet Meadow subdivision and two in the Eagle Creek subdivision, court documents state.  

Second-degree burglary is a Class C felony. Messmer is also facing charges including possession of burglary tools and receiving stolen property.

Charges and allegations mentioned in this report do not indicate convictions.




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