TIFF Confusion, Firemen Overtime Pay and Cold Meds

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"It appears neither Joe Eagan or Pat Stinnett understand what TIF funds are or how they impact the City's finances."

— , Florissant Patch


"Thank you Jim for stating this so clearly. These are all issues that need to be addressed. Brentwood City Hall is a playground…"

— , Maplewood-Brentwood Patch

"I, as well, would like LINC to continue their charity work but not with the help of my tax dollars. I read on their web site…"

— , Wentzville Patch


"Think hard about it. Do you want your little girl going to school where attempted rapes are shrugged off?"

— , Hazlewood Patch


"While I admire your goal, your logic is flawed. No matter how many laws you pass, you will never eliminate abuses."

 — , St. Peters Patch

"So much for representing the PEOPLE... It's already signed in-spite of overwhelming numbers of PEOPLE against it."

— , St. Peters Patch

"Wow! So what about those without health insurance? And now our allergy medicine will cost an office visit AND a co-pay?" 

— , St. Peters Patch

"As a new resident of our city and foreign person, I have hard time to figure out why some people are so mad at the mayor..."

— , University City Patch

"Great job to our officers in blue."

— , Maryland Heights Patch


"This breaks my heart. I remember how excited I used to get when my mom would take me to a book store."

— , Sunset Hills-Crestwood Patch


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