Smoking Ban Idea, Parking-Meter Policies, McCaskill Criticism

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Disc golf—not just another male-dominated sport

“Disc golf is great for women and girls, too. What a great way to get to know someone you are dating, take her disc golfing!”
— Margaret Poynter, Eureka-Wildwood Patch

Strong words for one of our U.S. senators

“Claire has done nothing for American citizens. We are worst off than ever before. Resign.”
— Don courtney, Clayton-Richmond Heights Patch

Let the audit go on

“This is a good thing. Now let's hope they follow the recommendations of the state audit. Looks like they didn't follow the recommendations of the independent auditor, at least according to this article, for the last couple of years.”
— Pat Maloney (Wilken), Maplewood-Brentwood Patch

Musings on metered parking

“I do not find that the advice not to park makes sense. The Loop is filled with broken meters. Many have been broken for over a year. Not parking in these spaces greatly limits parking opportunities, which potentially limits business. In fact, I am aware that police officers have advised that people park in these spaces.”
— Loren H. Grossman, University City Patch

“I agree. The last three parking spaces I pulled into in The Loop had broken meters. The first one, there was an officer nearby, and I commented that the meter was broken—he told me to go ahead and park there. I would have been pretty upset if I'd ended up with a ticket.”
— Jan Dillon, University City Patch

“The last two times I have visited The Loop I have pulled into a spot with a broken meter. Once at the lot next to the Tivoli and once at the Post Office. There was a policeman issuing tickets in the lot near the Tiv, and I pointed out to him that my meter was broken and asked what to do, and he told me ‘If it's broken, you park for free.’ OK, fine. But we just went through this big rigamarole debating whether to raise revenue by charging for parking on The Loop in lots that are currently free. Thankfully that idea has come and gone, but why were we even considering this when the city is unable to maintain the exisiting meters and collect that revenue? I wonder how much money is lost each year due to broken meters, and why aren't they being fixed?”
— Kim, University City Patch

New Facebook law on teacher conversations has its faults

“I think the ‘law’ is an overreach. My son will be a senior, and I know he communicates more through text and Facebook. Several of the teachers use this medium to engage the students in group discussions and to communicate regarding homework. The electronic medium also takes away the fear factor in talking with teachers about homework and also allows for a quicker response, more direct-to-the-point instructions and an opportunity to stay in touch. Inappropriate conversations would not be restricted to just Facebook, this ‘law’ violates the First Amendment, in my opinion.”
— Antona Brent Smith, Kirkwood-Webster Groves Patch

Slow down and work it out

“To bring the city adminstrator and chief of police in front of the council to justify every time they want to hire a new employee would be ludicrous! We elected the council and mayor who hired the city administrator and the chief of police and entrusted those hiring decisions to them. This is not emergency legislation. No one is going to live or die if we take our time to discuss this for a while. A work session should be the venue where the subject is discussed, not a special meeting. The city administrator has been given these duties by ordinance as stated in the Code of Ordinances of the City of Arnold. The Arnold Police Department is run on the merit system.”
— Doris Borgelt, Arnold Patch

Truer words were never spoken

“Josh—Nice article!!! Alex you are making MHS proud. Congratulations on your accomplishment for a great cause.”
— Paul Anderson, Mehlville Patch

“Well done Josh! Alex was always a great guy, just like his family—they're wonderful people!”
— Samir Muratović, Mehlville Patch

New smoking ban? It would be a minor issue

“(St. Charles County Councilman Joe) Cronin knows he could get an ordinance passed that only allows smoking in places that keep out minors. Such an ordinance has a rational basis and applies equally to all establishments, so Ehlmann can't veto it. Places that need to allow smoking would be able to continue allowing it. No jobs would be lost. Nevada, Georgia and Tennessee have such a law.”
— BillHannegan, Lake Saint Louis Patch

Stay on task, then tear up jack

“Why don't we FINISH a project before beginning another? Old Town Main Street has been torn up for over a year, it is STILL unfinished (orange pylons along the side, center lines not painted, still lacking concrete/asphalt fill in in spots), it took almost TWO years to complete the Salt / Spencer Road connection to Highway 370. Why can't we "stay on task" before we redirect workers to other projects?”
— Rudy, St. Peters Patch


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