Sample Size, Lightning Strikes and a Kid in a Vault

Calamities abound in this week's "Comments from Patchland." Plus, we revisit the ever-popular issues of smoking in public.

Sometimes you just can't make this stuff up. A kid gets locked accidentally in a gun vault, and all anyone can talk about is whether the parents were negligent? Plus, the sound of lightning striking and a few opinions about a new automaker coming to the region. 

Got comments of your own? We hope you'll click a link and add your 2 cents.

That's one opinion, we suppose

"If everyone you talk to agrees with Sarah Palin, you need to expand the size of your sample."

— , Fenton-High Ridge Patch

The kid was fine, by the way

"What a fine use of tax dollars. I believe next time a horribly irresponsible incident like this is reported, the parents' names need to be published along with it. Perhaps this will encourage parents to take better care of their children while in public."

— , Wentzville Patch

Just wait till they start staying up later than you

"Savor the moments. I check my kids before bed each night, and my husband asks why....I say it is for me, my time to soak them in."

— , Chesterfield Patch

Isn't the key word here "peril"?

"For goodness sake, of all the public places in St. Louis County, why is it necessary to take the smoking exemption away from the only 150 places left? Those who smoke do so at their own peril, and those who choose to be around them do so at their own peril."

— , Clayton-Richmond Heights Patch

Ready for the school bell?

"I am very proud of my daughter. She's a special needs teacher in the Fox school district. I see and hear her passion for having the privilege to teach our children. Well wishes for a great year!"

— , Mehlville-Oakville Patch 

I'm not sure, but are they looking for work?

"How do we contact company to become a service and sales location?"

— , Hazelwood Patch

"Who and how do I contact to become a supplier?"

— , Hazelwood Patch

"How do I apply to become an employee?"

— , Hazelwood Patch

"How do you apply for manufacturing jobs?"

— , Hazelwood Patch

"I will love to finish my career with a new auto plant. How to submit application?"

— , Hazelwood Patch

Not cool

"I once put an oven thermometer in the back window of my closed car on a 104-degree day. It got hot enough inside to boil water—over 200 degrees...The man was literally cooking his dogs."

— , Town and Country-Manchester Patch

Yeah, yeah, yeah

"The late '60s. I had no responsibilities, and life was much easier. You loved your job and did not have to worry about the economy. You believed in the government and could live on what you earned. People were polite, and it was all about family."

— , Affton-Shrewsbury Patch


"We were in a vendor stand about 100 yards from that tree. It was the loudest noise I ever heard. The tree was smoking like it was on fire, but we never saw any flames. Everyone was really lucky that no one was seriously hurt."

— , Lake Saint Louis Patch

Simple Priorities

"Great, let's make sure owners keep their dogs on leashes and keep disc golf course maintained at Kirchner."

— , Eureka-Wildwood Patch


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