5 Favorite Grab & Go Gas Station Foods

Sometimes even fast food isn’t fast enough.

When the drive through line for a burger and fries is ten cars deep, fast food just doesn’t seem very fast. Next time you might want to consider grabbing a quick meal at your local gas station, where you can fuel up the car and still have a tasty lunch.

is the king of gas station food in the Fenton-High Ridge area. The chain has been around for fifty-three years and in the St. Louis region since 1986. It was the first store to offer self-serve fountain sodas and in 1993 it unleashed its line of Quick `n Tasty heat-and-serve sandwiches.

You don’t have to settle for a dubious looking wedge of tuna salad on soggy white bread from a gas station—your local QT has picnic worthy sandwiches, hot dogs and a just about any beverage you can dream up.

Here’s a few of Patch’s favorite grab and go goodies from the .


Tubular food:  We’re not sure what that magical rolling grill is called, but QT has theirs loaded up with an interesting assortment of rollable food. Hot dogs and taquitos? Check. Tube shaped cheeseburgers? Got it. But who came up with the loaded potato roller?

Deluxe sandwiches: No boring triangle cut sandwiches on white bread here—QT has deli worthy sandwiches. If the roast turkey sounds too boring, give the jalapeno and cheese sausage roll a try.

For the health nut: Avoiding grease and calories? Grab some fresh fruit or a yogurt parfait.  

Carnivore cravings: Maybe you’re going low carb, or maybe you can’t disassociate gas stations with beef jerky. No matter, the QT Patch visited had a whole shelf dedicated to jerky of every flavor.

Sweet mercy: Looking for an icing covered breakfast treat, dessert or just a sweet pick-me-up? You can get a whole bag of Hostess donuts, a fresh pastry, or even a slice of red velvet cake.


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