County Council Agenda: Non-partisanship, Term Limits, Waller and Boyer games

Boyer wants to change the county charter after only two years in place.

I was right, imagine that!  Last week, I pointed out that Chair Bob Boyer of the Jefferson County Council  wants the council members to be non-partisan and he wants term limits.  Why does he want the council to be Non-Partisan? Because he wants to hide behind the Republican party to get elected.  As I'm sure everyone knows very few people are interested in the Libertarian (Bob Boyer is a Libertarian) or Constitutional candidates on a ballot and they can't get elected if they try to run under either of those parties.  Why would Ken Waller be interested in changing the charter?  I would think it's more politically motivated for Executive Waller.  He really wants to be able to put laws into place that are more Democrat-based.  Bigger government, more taxes, more regulations - need I say more? 

After being elected using the Republican party and with the help of his cohort, Ken Waller, Chair Boyer is able to try to get legislation put into place that would make major changes to the charter after only two years of its' existence.  These changes are Bill #12-0635, Non-Partisanship for all elected County Officers  and sweeping UDO changes (Bill #12-0512) that will cost all residents more money and make it more difficult to get real estate transactions approved.  If Boyer gets his way, ALL Jefferson County residents will be affected and if you think it's hard to get anything done in Jefferson County now, you just wait, everything has to go through Planning and Zoning (that's a nightmare in itself) and if you have children or grandchildren that you want to give your property to, it will cost you more and it will be much harder to do.

As far as Term Limits (Bill #12-0638) are concerned, elected officials will get nothing done before they're pulled out of office. I'm not for a politician to be allowed to stay in office for 30 years.  Everyone in Jefferson County understands what a mess we're in now with Democrats in office for 30 years, but they must be allowed to have some time to get some good things done. And I mean GOOD THINGS not "boondoggle" bills like the ones Boyer and Waller are trying to get put into place.  If you think you can't get them out of office because of money or connections, please remember that Debbie Dunnegan, Recorder of Deeds, beat the Democrat that held that office for 25 years and Charlie Groeteke won his race with only $350 against an establishment Democrat who was in local politics for years and had the monetary backing of the unions.

Please go out to the county website. Look at the council agenda and think about how this legislation will affect your life. We must all be aware of what our elected officials are doing. The antics of the government do matter whether it be on a local basis or a national basis and if they are not monitored, they will reach out and touch your life and most likely, it won't be in a good way.

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Andrea Berghold June 22, 2012 at 12:24 AM
What was the bill number for stealing the roll call from the caucus? What was the bill number for changing the rules at the caucus that allowed Janet Engelbach and Derrick Goode to leave and re-enter? What was the bill number that allowed the Unity slate to be approved with missing information when the Liberty slate was disallowed for the same reason? What was the bill number for ending a public meeting while people were still asking questions? You are right about ONE thing...changes need to be made to get the current corrupt, self-serving people out of the council to make room for honest, hard-working, liberty-minded folks that TRULY believe in limited government. Andrea B
Dennis Murphy June 22, 2012 at 09:39 PM
I guess I am not sure what the writer is all upset about when it comes to the County Charter amendmentsproposed regarding term limts and non partisanship elections for county officials. Regarding the issue of term limits, I agree that term limits should not be so short as to prohibit the buildng up of experience to accomplish things while in office. However if someone can't do that in 12 years then they probably shouldn't be in office to begin with. As far as non-partisanship I fail to see whether you are a Repubilcan or Demorcrat has much to do with local county issues. I haven't really seen much on either party's platform regarding sewers, roads, and other types of issues. Regarding the County Executives motive being political so he can put more Democratically based laws seems starnge since he's a Republican. I want it noted that I am not posting here to defend either man cited by the original post writer. I only speak to two of the issues brought up. I want to point out that it is not about whether these two men "get their way" or not. It is about putting the question on the ballot so that the overwhelming majority of the voters in Jefferson County get THEIR way or not. Then and only then will the County's charter ever be changed. By the democatic process of the vote of the people and not the whim of elected politicians who serve at the will of those same voters. I will have to study up more on the UDO changes proposed before I would presume to address that issue.
Linda Van de Riet June 23, 2012 at 07:09 PM
Mr. Murphy: First of all, thank you for your intelligent, non-personal comments. There are people that get angry because I "out" their friends with the truth. They would rather that I keep quiet so that they can try to use their influence to play politigal games as has been done in this County for 30 years. Not hardly. I agree 12 years is more than enough time and I would think if you consider an elected position is volunteer and/or temporary; after that amount of time, a politician would be more than happy to vacate the position. As far as non-partisanship, for the most part, Democrats are pro-choice, pro-gay marriage, pro big government, pro-taxes, less freedom, pro-social programs, pro-regulation, into limiting our freedoms with guns, etc., etc. I am not saying all, but most of them are in agreement with much of that ideology. Now, unless you are in another world, you know that most people will not research the candidates they vote for so if the person is a Democrat and they want to vote for a Republican, they will be unaware of which is which and that is what Boyer, Horton and Waller are hoping for. Boyer and Horton are Libertarians and they have a whole new set of ideas! I did not post this because of anyone getting their way, it is to point out that there are politicians that want to pass legislation that is in line with their beliefs whether or not it is good for the County; the changes to the Charter and the UDO are a perfect example.


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