A Tale of Two Candidates in Jefferson County

What are the big differences between Renee Reuter and Cheryl Hermann?

Let's take a look at the two candidates running for the Jefferson County Council District 2.

First we have Cheryl Hermann, a current Fox C-6 School board member.  Let's remember that Fox School District just put in a new football field at a cost of $3.3M through a $18.5M bond issue that extended the tax that would have ended next year by another ten years.  The board that Ms. Hermann belongs to said this was not a tax increase.  Really?  So if I pay off a loan on my car and the loan company comes back and says that they require another 5 years of loan payments, this is not an increase in the price of the car? 

I remember listening to Ms. Hermann during the forum at the college and she spoke of collaboration, getting along and reaching across the aisle.  So when the two sides collaborate on a school board, that means more cost to us, the taxpayers, right?  I would rather they not get along on every issue such as spending money they don't have and then, looking to the taxpayers to make up the difference and I would rather there is no reaching across the aisle because the reaching goes on from there right into my pocket book.

Next, let's take a look at Renee Reuter.  While Ms. Reuter has been on the council for the last two years, there have been no tax increases.  In fact, there will be a decrease in taxes in the coming year. 

Second, we are saving on fuel costs for the county cars and Ms. Reuter had to fight for this piece of legislation that was drafted by Charles Groeteke, District 4  and introduced by Renee Reuter.  Unfortunately, Council Member Groeteke did not win his primary and we will most likely have a second Democrat on the council.  Anyway, on to fuel.  If you'll remember, the Sheriff's Department fought parking the cars and they realized they had to cut down on their fuel costs to continue taking the county cars to their residence.

Third, the county refinanced some debt to save a over $2M.  The current council members all shared in this cost cutting measure.

Fourth, Ms. Reuter has spent the last two years looking for savings in every bill submitted to her for review.  She has found many, one example is boots.  The county submitted a proposal to approve $325,000 for boots for county workers.  Ms. Reuter noticed that in the prior year, the county only spent $20,000.  She saved the county approximately $305,000.

Will Ms. Hermann do as Ms. Reuter has done or will she look for a way to spend any tax money that has been saved and then come back to residents of Jeff County looking for more as she has done on the Fox School Board and then say  there is no tax increase?  I feel that in this economy where Washington is taking as much as it can get, we don't need our local politicians grabbing at what is left.

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Charmaine Puttman October 13, 2012 at 10:16 PM
Yeah for Renee Reuter! I usually vote for the other side, but Renee has really impressed me. I've had dealings with her lately and she is so quick to respond, does what she says she will do and is the only Jefferson County employee to listen, respond, find a possible plan of action as well as seem to genuinely care about our situation. Thank you Ms. Reuter. Note - I'm speaking of county, not Arnold. Doris is the go getter here, and FOR the people. Thank you both!
cliff October 13, 2012 at 11:29 PM
I agree, Charmaine. Renee has shown to be a standout leader amongst a lot of good ol boys and girls club goings on.
James Terry October 14, 2012 at 08:57 PM
I have gone to essentially all county council meetings during the past 2 years and can strongly attest, from first hand observation, with Linda's comments!


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