Return of the Slider: Fenton White Castle Reopens Sunday

Fans of the square burger can’t wait for the restaurant’s grand opening, company officials say.

Lovers of the slider can rejoice.

You no longer have to trek those many miles for what you crave: White Castle hamburgers, affectionately known as sliders. OK, so it was just over to the High Ridge White Castle, a total of 6.7 miles from the Fenton location at 1789 Bowles Ave. Still, White Castle fans are chomping at the bit.

The Fenton White Castle has its grand reopening Sunday.

The restaurant closed last winter so the hamburger chain could build a new building, with a new look, updated technology, and more comfort and flexibility in seating, said White Castle Vice President Jamie Richardson, from the corporate office in Columbus, OH.

“As a family-owned business, we believe in re-investing in our money in the community and for the benefit of our customers," Richardson said.

Customers definitely noticed, said Dennis Baker, district supervisor for the St. Louis area.

“We have orange, plastic cones blocking our entrances, but people drove up anyway,” Baker said. “We tell them, ‘We’re glad you’re here, but we’re not open until Sept. 4.’ We don’t mind at all.”

“They can’t wait. You gotta love it,” Baker said.

He said when they closed the restaurant last winter, it received lots of calls from the area.

“Some of them were angry,” Baker said. “We told them we’re not going away, we’ll reopen.”

Richardson said some customers have even camped overnight to make sure they were first in line for a new or reopened restaurant’s grand opening.

“We have some of the most dedicated customers anywhere,” Richardson said. “We were the first ever to have a hall of fame.”

He said customers submit their White Castle stories and company officials choose the best ones to induct into the hall.

One Missourian who made it into the hall claimed White Castle helped improve his college grade point average. It seems Columbia, MO has no White Castle, so he would drive two hours to get his favorite meal.

“He maintained that the drive gave him time to think about his exams and papers,” Richardson said.

Soon, even the 6.7-mile drive to High Ridge will be over for slider lovers in Fenton.

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