Jefferson County Library Website Hit by Hacker

The library's website will be down indefinitely until staffers can correct damage done to the site's code.

The website for the Jefferson County Library is down after a hacker got into the library’s code.

“Someone hacked into our website and caused an infection,” said library director Pam Klipsch. “We are trying to figure out exactly how they got in. It may take a little while.”

The library’s tech department is working on the issue, but Klipsch did not offer a timeline for when the site would be back up. Library workers must sift through all of the code for the website to find the source and solution to the problem.

For those trying to access the website through search engines, Google warns that the site “may harm your computer,” meaning the site might install malicious software without the comptuer owner’s knowledge, according to Google.

“This is a fact of life in today’s online world,” Klipsch said. “It was just our turn to get hit.”

Patrick Crowley March 05, 2012 at 09:00 PM
It doesn't surprise me. The three coumputers that I've sat at over the last three weeks were way out of date on their virus defense according to the systems tray warning. And yes, I did inform the woman at the counter for that area. And no, nothing was done to update them. So this article is of no great surprise to me.


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