The Benefits of Adult Day Care

Does your aging loved one need more help than you can provide but they are not ready for a nursing home? Read this blog to learn how adult day care can benefit both seniors and their caregivers.

Adult day care centers provide a place for seniors to receive care and companionship during the day, while their caregivers work or receive a respite from the difficulty of care giving.  A caregiver drops their loved one off at the facility in the morning and picks them up at the end of the business day.  Adult day care fills the gap between independence and total care. 

The benefits of adult day care are significant for both the client and the caregiver.  First and foremost, an adult day will provide a safe, secure place for the senior to spend their day.  An adult day care should provide a home away from home atmosphere. The facility should also be secure, enabling the caregiver to feel confident that their senior loved one will be safe during the day.

As people age, they often become socially isolated due to a variety of reasons.  Unfortunately, this lack of socialization can lead to depression and a decline in health.  Adult day care offers the opportunity to socialize and make new friends.  Most adult day cares offer a variety of activities that encourage socialization both with other seniors and the staff members. 

Adult day care centers routinely offer the opportunity for seniors to “walk down memory lane” and talk about fond memories.  Staff members should offer activities and guided conversation that will spark memories.  They may also engage in active listening as the senior shares stories from throughout their life.  This type of mental stimulation can improve mood and may help the member remain mentally alert.

Exercise is an important aspect of everyone’s life.  The aging process often results in a decline in mobility, resulting in less physical activity.  Research shows that a lack of exercise can cause result in the deterioration of physical and mental health.  Adult day care centers offer physical activities that can be tailored to the senior’s ability.  Activities may include structured walking activities, laughter yoga and stretching exercises. 

As seniors they often lose their appetite due illness, memory loss or side effects of medication.  This loss of appetite can lead to weight loss and other health concerns.  Caregivers need to prepare meals and encourage their elderly loved ones to eat regularly.  This becomes difficult if the senior is home alone during the day.  Adult day care centers provide nutritious lunch and snacks, as well as a social environment in which to enjoy their meal.  The staff can monitor food intake and coordinate with the family to discuss solutions for a decline in appetite.

Adult day care can change the life of a senior.  There are also many benefits for the caregiver of the senior.  Caregivers often become overwhelmed at the daunting task of caring for an aging family member.  Many caregivers need to work during the day and manage their other responsibilities.  Adult day care provides much needed respite to the caregiver.

A caregiver may struggle with balancing the medical needs of their loved one.  Many adult day care centers can provide basic nursing care to their clients.  This often prevents unnecessary trips to the emergency room, since health issues are addressed when they are manageable, rather than when they reach a crisis point.  The comfort of coordinating with an on-site RN is reassuring to many families.

Adult day care can benefit caregivers and seniors financially.  The cost of adult day care is significantly less expensive than home health care or nursing home care.  Many long term insurance plans will cover adult day care.  Medicaid will also cover the cost.  Adult day care is a win-win situation for both seniors and their loved ones.

Bon Vivant Adult Day Club is the premier adult day care provider located in Fenton, MO.  Our mission at Bon Vivant Adult Day Club is to ensure our members enjoy Good Living Longer.    We are licensed by the State of Missouri and welcome the opportunity to meet with you and your loved one to answer any questions you have about adult day care.  Please feel free to visit our website at www.goodlivinglonger.com or call Angela Denicola, owner and on-site director at 636-343-1600. 


Article by Beverly McKee, MSW, LCSW

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