Peeps Taking Over the Library; First Peep Houses, now Peep Sushi is on the Menu

The sugary marshmallow confections will be making a lot of appearances at the Jefferson County Library, Northwest Branch.

The will be all about Peeps in April as it uses the popular Eastertime candy in its craft classes.

The library already announced it was having a craft class April 6 for children 4 and up who will build houses with Peeps. Now it has scheduled an additional crafts meeting on Apr. 5 for kids 11 through 18 years old to make sushi-like creations using the decidedly non-fishy Peeps.

the crafts meetings are free and space is limited so advance registration is required. To make a reservation or for more information, call 636.677.8186 or email mosborn@jeffcolib.org.


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