Wolfie, Speckles, Aloha, Crissy Seeking New Homes

Dog and cats from the Open Door Animal Sanctuary.

Wolfie is a great mutt that's about 5 years old. He is a super sweet boy that gets along great with other dogs and loves kids. He loves to get affection and loves to go for walks. Wolfie is used to living with a family, so he'd love to have another one. Wolfie can not live with cats, it's about the only thing he does not get along with. Wolfie is housebroken and he knows a few basic commands like "sit" and "stay". Since he is housebroken, his owner would have to be comfortable walking this 80 lb lovebug. Wolfie would be a great addition to any household.

Speckles is a super cute little boy that's just about to celebrate his first birthday. This is a little guy that loves people and is very happy all the time. A medium size Blue Tick Hound  mix, Speckles weighs in at roughly 40 lbs. Although he's had no formal training, he is very smart and would learn things quickly. Speckles is active, he loves to play. One of Speckles' favorite pastimes is running in the yard with the other dogs. He gets so excited when he knows it's playtime. Anyone would be happy to have Speckles as their best friend.

Aloha is a very sweet, plus-sized model. She's just about 5 years old and loves to spend her days lounging around in Kitty City. This is a girl that loves to laze about but also likes to play every once in a while. She would make an excellent companion for someone who is missing some love in their life. Aloha gets along with other cats and small dogs, she isn't the biggest fan of children, but that's mainly because they always try to pick her up or bother her while she's sleeping. If you're home needs a large girl with a lot of love to share, please come and say "Aloha" to Aloha.

Crissy is a wonderful 4-year-old girl who is looking for a permanent place to call home. Crissy loves to cuddle, loves to be petted, and loves to sleep in beds. Oddly enough, with all the beds we have, her favorite place to sleep is the back of the toilet. Crissy can tolerate other cats, but she prefers them to keep their distance, and she has lived with dogs. She definitely has her own way of doing things, she thinks she's in charge. If you are looking for a small girl to complete your family, please come and meet Crissy.


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