9 Gifts You Can Find at a Gun Store

Still have people on your list to shop for? Patch is here to help.

The countdown to Christmas is in the single digits and you don’t have time to waste driving all over town looking for gifts. Fenton-High Ridge Patch is here to help with a collection of gifts you can get all under one roof:

Surprised? Denny Dennis isn't just an excellent store for hunters, fishermen and campers. As it turns out, Denny Dennis has something for everyone.

For the Wife and Kids: We’ll start with the obvious. On the day Patch visited Denny Dennis, the parking lot was packed and the gun counter was thick with men shopping for hardware of the non-computer variety. Staff said the most popular gift item was a small Ruger .22 rifle, perfect for giving to young hunters or girlfriends they want to share quality time with on the range. Pink pistols are also hot gift items.

For Your Brother’s New Baby: Yes, Denny Dennis also has clothes, and they aren’t all hunter orange. Most items are actually in camo, like a five-piece baby gift set (includes onesie, bib, changing pad, booties and a bottle). Comes in green or pink.

For the Unorganized Gun Collector: You know that guy with too many pistols just cluttering up his house? (We hope not.) Here’s an organizing rack to store pistols neatly, just like his wife’s shoes.

For Your Drinking Buddy: This drink stand on a spike goes everywhere he goes - on the beach, out camping or just in the backyard. Because nothing goes better with beer than a pointy stick.

For the Twilight Gardener: Ever try to garden around dusk when the mosquitos come out? Confound the bugs with a handyand stylish mosquito head net, or just kill them with a  mosquito patio lantern.

For the Soccer Mom: Keep her toasty warm on those early spring/late fall practices with a seat warmer.

For the Gourmet Hunter: A pack of vacuum sealing food storage bags just the size for trout. By the looks of the packaging, its popular with lumberjacks everywhere.

For your Stinky Son: White Lightning Human Scent Elimination—sure it’s meant to kill odors on hunters so they don’t scare off the deer, but we’re hoping this magical spray could work on smelly sneakers and rank sports gear too.

For your Pet: These animated decoys were meant to attract predators, so they’re sure to work on Fluffy and provide hours of fun. Comes in Wounded Rabbit or Spinning Squirrel.


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