Seven Old Fenton Buildings, Then and Now

Over the years Fenton has lost buildings to flood, fire and plain falling over. Here's a few that are still standing and thriving.

Fenton is an old town, with roots the stretch all the way back to 1818 when William Long bought a chunk of land from Antoine Soulard (yes, that Soulard). Between the periodic flooding of the Meramec River and a devastating fire in 1913, not much of Fenton's old section remains today.

The Fenton Historical Society provided the black and white photos in this slide show so you can compare a few of Fenton's older remaining buildings. Only the Fenton Feed Mill still serves its original purpose, but most of the others still hold thriving local businesses. Most black and white photos date from the 1930s,. The old Fenton Police Department was built in 1983.

Check out the slideshow above to see historical Fenton buildings, then and now.


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