Pinteresting Things in Fenton, High Ridge

Just some of the beautiful things you can find in Fenton and High Ridge.

We're going to a new place today, joining a new-ish  Internet phenomena called Pinterest, a website where users create boards of the things they like and display the beautiful pictures that showcase them.

We jumped into the water with Pinteresting in Fenton and High Ridge as a way to show the beauty and creativity of the people and places in our community. On the Pinteresting board you'll find unique items from local bakeries, gift shops, restaurants and from the hundreds of photos that are on Fenton High Ridge Patch.

Pinterest bills itself as a virtual bookmarking website, but what the heck is that, really? Pinterest's users present the beautiful images they find on the Internet and arrange them on boards, much like a person does who enjoys scrapbooking, or making collections of the things they like. Chances are you'll like some of those things, too. Brides-to-be and mothers-to-be are among the most frequent visitors to Pinterest as there are many striking images of gifts, fashions, kids, recipes and craft items.

At Patch we'll be showing off some of the unique goods and services offered by the many businesses in our area as well as some unique images we come across during a busy news week. Currently there is an image that shows a unique perspective of the St. Louis Cardinals' World Series Trophy that recently made a stop in Fenton and will visit High Ridge next month. Other photos show some yummy goodies found at local bakeries, including a photo that links to a recipe for how to make homemade marshmallows from Russell's Cafe and Bakery. Click on the photos and you are taken to the business's website.

In some cases you will be linked back to Patch where our photos originated, some that accompanied a story, such as a feature on the Old Fenton Feed Mill, others that are part of our Neighborhood Gallery, that features ours and our readers' submissions. Although you will not be able to "pin" a photo on the "Pinteresting in Fenton and High Ridge" Pinterest page, submissions to our Neighborhood Gallery may find their way there. So feel free to share the wealth and show us your creative and striking images of the beautiful things in our community.

Check out Pinteresting in Fenton and High Ridge.


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