Miley Ready to Pounce on Patch Pinterest Board

The Fenton High Ridge Patch Pinterest board has compelling photos of some of the best things in town

Our Fenton High Ridge Patch Pinterest board has a new resident and she looks ready to pounce. Miley is one of two Turkish Angora long-haired cats at the Open Door Animal Sanctuary and she's been a popular addition to the Pinterest board, which features some of the best things in Fenton and High Ridge.

Our Pinterest board is new, something we're trying in an effort to determine if there is enough interest, or Pinterest, from readers who may want to add to the mix of the things they love about their neighborhood and the nice things available at the businesses here.

The easiest way to join the fun is to upload a photo to our Patch Neighborhood gallery. We'll take it from there. Click here to get to the gallery.


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