Maple, Speckles, MJ, Chelsea Seeking New Homes

Dog and cats from the Open Door Animal Sanctuary

Maple is one of our sweetest dogs. She is just about a year and a half and loves everyone. This mutt gets along great with other dogs and doesn't seem to mind cats. She also gives the best hugs in the world. If you get down on her level, Maple puts her paws on your shoulders and leans in. Maple walks well on a leash, but needs some basic obedience training. This is one energetic girl that needs someone to play with. If you are looking for a great dog to complete your family, Maple is perfect for you.

Speckles is a high energy, Blue Tick Hound that's not even a year old yet. This is a girl that loves people and craves attention. She loves to cuddle as much as she loves to play, and man can she play! Speckles gets along well with other dogs, but has not been around cats too much. Speckles would love to have a couple of kids to chase around a yard, she needs someone to run with her. She has had no formal training, but she is so smart that she'll pick it up quickly. If you're looking for a cute girl to make you smile, please come and meet Speckles.

MJ is a feisty year old boy that loves to play. This boy also loves to snuggle, so he's the best of both worlds. MJ gets along with a few other cats here at the shelter, but we can tell he'd prefer to be an only child. MJ needs to be in a home without dogs as he had a bad experience with one at a young age and has not been able to forgive them. MJ has not met a person that he knows as a stranger, he loves everybody. If you need a social butterfly of a cat to impress your friends, MJ will fit the bill nicely.

Chelsea has been waiting patiently for a home for a very long time. She is a very sweet girl that pulls peoples hands toward her head so they know that she wants them to pet her. At 6 years old, Chelsea's afraid that no one will come to give her a home. She is very sweet and still very active. One of her favorite activities is running down the hallway and playfully smacking the other cats on the rear to get them to chase her. Chelsea may be a little demanding, "Pet me now, play with me now," but she is a great cat that truly deserves a forever home.


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