Malley, Sir Oak Seeking a Place to Live

Dogs, cats available for adoption from the Open Door Animal Sanctuary.

Malley is a big guy with a lot of energy. This Malamute is 2 years old and weighs in at a healthy 70 lbs. Malley gets along well with other dogs and loves to run in the yard with them. If you are looking for someone to go for long walks with you, Malley is your guy, he loves walking, running, and hiking. Malley definitely needs an active family, he is not your average couch potato. A home without cats is preferable and little kids will probably get bowled over by him as he bounds by so toddlers probably won't work. However, if you like to stay busy and need a dog to run around with, Malley is the perfect choice!

Sir Oak was abandoned by his owners and was chased up a tree by something much bigger than him. He was up there for 3 days until we finally got the call to help him. He is a very sweet boy that loves to snuggle and be held. At only 2 years old he still has some spunk in him and lots of life left. This is a boy that would love nothing more than to have a home filled with love and soft places for him to lay on. Sir Oak gets along really well with other cats but dogs may be a little much for him. If you are looking for a sweet, cuddlebug come down to Open Door and meet Sir Oak.


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