'Magic of the Bubble Bus' to Highlight Saturday's Fenton Days Bash

Bubble Bus proprietor John Reider says the Bubble Bus "just sort of happened" as an outgrowth of his company's bubble solution business.

"Lots and lots and lots" of bubbles are promised to float over fairgoers Saturday as the Bubble Bus cranks up its bubble machines at the big Fenton Days 175th Birthday Celebration Saturday.

John Reider is the president of JVR Enterprises which started as a company that selling Tekno Bubbles, a patented solution sold in one ounce, half gallon and one gallon quantities that produce "bubbles with attitude." The solution, available in blue or gold are the original blacklight bubbles, according to the company's website. The glowing nature of bubbles will be missed Saturday since the Bubble Bus only will be on site during daylight hours.

But Reider promises to display "the magic of the Bubble Bus magic for fairgoers as all sorts of devices are used to make bubbles of all sizes.

"We're excited to be there," Reider said of his Fenton Days appearance.

JVR Enterprises, a Valley Park company, appears at about 200 events a year. The appearances began by accident as Reider says he was just trying to market Tekno Bubbles and was continually asked if he could "do" birthday parties and other events.

"It's our brainchild," Reider said. "(The Bubble Bus) just sort of happened."

And he promises fairgoers will see things they've never seen before as he cranks up the Bubble Bus machines to float thousands of bubbles around the Fenton Days fairgrounds. They may not be as loud as the 9 p.m. fireworks show, but Reider says they will be just as spectacular.


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