Jackson Frazier Gets Through Air Force Basic Training

The latest addition to our neighborhood gallery shows a Rockwood Summit grad who appears ready to take on anything.

Jackson Frazier, a 2009 graduate and resident of Fenton resident was standing tall in a photo taken by Jack Frazier and submitted to the Fenton High Ridge Patch Neighborhood Gallery which shows him at Basic Military Training graduation ceremonies at Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio, TX.

Jackson will be home for several weeks after he completes his advanced training and just before he is deployed to an Air Force base stateside or overseas. The photo shows him in camo gear along with his fellow airmen and later with Taylor Wakelan, who also is a Rockwood Summit graduate and Fenton resident.

We wish Jackson well in his military career.

If you have local photos you'd like to share with Patch readers, you can visit our Neighborhood Gallery and upload them there. It's easy to do and is a good album of the people paces and things in Fenton and high Ridge.


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