How Google Sees Fenton, High Ridge

The Street View feature on Google Maps allows virtual drive through town

I've been navigating around Fenton and High Ridge the last several days, taking in the sights of, among other things, colorful fall foliage. Sometimes I would travel in the wrong traffic lane ; other times I would go down the middle  of Interstate 44. It was a virtual time when I ventured over to the site of the Old Gravois Bridge, in Fenton, and was startled to see the superstructure of the aging, narrow steel bridge that was condemned by a St. Louis County inspection team more then five years ago.

My mode of transportation during the tour of Fenton and High Ridge was Google Maps Street View, taking in the sights as they were captured in photographs by the Google Street View car as it made its way through town, mostly in images from November 2008. Occasionally I would zoom out to the Google Maps satellite view to find a different perspective on familiar locations in Fenton and High Ridge.

For example, the large water towers behind the Northwest School District central office look imposing up close, but create a very artistic image when seen from high above.

Those into advanced math, and I don't consider myself in that group, may appreciate the artistic "fractal" nature of a satellite view of a portion of the Joyce Meyers Ministries campus off of Northwest Boulevard in Jefferson County

I was struck by the beauty of the entire area as the Street View car drove around town snapping pictures on a picturesque autumn day in November 2008.

There was no reason to undertake my Street View tour, except for the same reason the bear went over the mountain -- to see what he could see. Check out the gallery of images with this article and behold the beauty, and the quirkyness of Fenton and High Ridge from Google's point of view.


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