How Do You Spend the Summer?

South County moms chime in on their favorite places to go and things to do with the kids this summer.

The long wet spring is finally over and summer is truly here. We asked the Patch Moms Council what they like to do with their kids now that they are out of school. Most moms have a long list of simple and inexpensive activities that can turn to when the kids say those dreaded words: “Mom, I’m bored!”

Emily: We like to go to our favorite local parks, go bowling and swimming. We take road trips and go trout fishing. I also like to find the kids a fun summer class or activity to get involved with. We try to find at least one museum or neat place we have not gone to and visit it before the summer is over. 

We also spend time at my parents’ house, so the kids get to enjoy time with their grandparents and play in the sprinklers over there.

Wendy: Some of the places we like to go during the summer are:

Six Flags: We have season passes so if you don't spend a whole day there it doesn't seem like a waste of money. We went when it was really hot and there were no lines for the rides. The water park was really crowded, but it was great to get in the wave pool just to cool off.

St. Louis Zoo: Penguin Encounter is a great place to cool off in the summer.

RiverChase in Fenton is great for all ages. We thought the Arnold Rec Center was supposed to be like RiverChase but we were very disappointed with their pool. It's great if you have small kids but the older ones get bored very fast.

Farmington has a nice water park too. It's a little bit of a drive but good for a day trip.

Michelle: We are staying home this summer, so we don’t have big plans. We’ll do a few play dates here or at friend’s houses and go swimming at RiverChase.

Denise: Summer is always interesting because the age gap between my boys is eight years, so I have to find a balance of activities that they can both do. My oldest still enjoys going to the zoo or the Museum of Transportation, but he’s not very interested in parks or the Magic House any more. It really frustrating because my little guy can spend hours in the backyard playing on the swing set, blowing bubbles or playing in his sandbox—but it’s torture to make my 12 year-old even sit outside with us. I end up letting the big guy have his video game time while little brother plays outside.

Our family really enjoys bike rides, so we’ll probably take several weekend trips to Grant’s Farm by way of Grant’s Trail. 

Molly Pfeiffer June 15, 2011 at 04:05 PM
The best thing I remember from my childhood summers was leaving the blazing hot sidewalk and feeling the frosty air of the entry to my library- it was a delicious feeling! And free, which helped my mom. And I remember getting so excited about the reading club- it was usually a small, cheap prize- but what kid didn't love free things? Not trying to be biased because I work in a library, but that's one thing kids in my family definitely do during the summer.


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