Fenton Honors the Victims of 9/11 with Ceremony

Hundreds gathered at Fenton Park's Heroes Memorial on Sunday to pay tribute to the lives lost on 9/11.

"Some of the survivors are lost and can't find their way," said Kevin Whitehead, a St. Louis area resident and 9/11 survivor who told his story to a crowd of several hundred at Heroes Memorial in on Sunday.

Whitehead worked on the 56th floor of the south tower of the World Trade Center and was at his office the day New York was attacked by terrorists.

U.S. Rep. Todd Akin, R-Wildwood, also spoke to the crowd about his experience on Sept. 11, 2001. He was in his Washington office on the day of the attacks and said that the significance of America's loss didn't truly sink in until a few days later, when he saw a makeshift memorial honoring the lives lost that day. He was said the memorial was a large sign covered with snapshots of ordinary citizens.

"The darkness and blackness of evil became much darker that day," he said in his speech.

Several area youth groups took part in the ceremony, including scouts from and , Youth Excited About Helping (Y.E.A.H.) and the Chamber Choir.


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