10 Things That May End up Collecting Dust in Your Basement

It’s almost the new year—have you made a resolution to get in shape for 2012?

Store clerks are clearing out the Christmas merchandise and loading up shelves with the next must have holiday item: New Year’s workout equipment. Getting in shape and losing a few pounds is a popular New Year’s Resolution, evident by the larger than normal crowds at  workout room come January.

But if you don’t like to sweat in public, or wait in line for a treadmill, there’s a whole industry of home gym equipment just waiting for you at the store. Maybe you’ve seen some of the following equipment advertised on late night TV?

Walk at Home Video: We’re just wondering how you watch a fitness video while walking around the neighborhood? Available at .

Shake Weights: Shake shake shake your way to bulging biceps, in just six minutes a day (according to the Shake Weight ad here). We’re wondering how much shaking is required to look like this guy on the package? Available at Walmart.

Ab Roller: Invented in the 1990s and made popular through late night TV ads, the Ab Roller is the king of home fitness gear. Most experts say the Ab Roller is good for beginners, but once you’ve mastered the form of a basic crunch, the Ab Roller will be another dust collector. Available at .

Multi-Training Door Gym: Just hang this device from any door frame and use to perform pull-ups right at home. Also makes an excellent coat hook. Available at .

Perfect Pushups: You know you’re doing that pushup all wrong—what you need are a set of non-skid handles! Available at .

Sauna Suit: Melt away the pounds by trapping your body heat and preventing your sweat. That doesn’t sound dangerous at all, does it? Available at .

Kettlebells: Kettlebells have only been gaining popularity in America over the last ten years, but Russians have been using these cannonballs with handles since at least the 1700s. Available at .

Punching Tower: Feel like Rocky with this inflatable punching tower. Wait, didn’t you have one of these with a clown on it when you were four? Available at .

Yoga Balls: Because you don’t look silly enough exercising as it is. Use with the sauna suit for maximum ridiculousness. Available at .

Exercise Bands: They’re lightweight and portable, which means they’ll hide perfectly in your sock drawer when you get bored with them. Available at . 


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