Doc, Cody, Tadpole, Brooklyn Seeking New Homes

Dogs and Cats from the Open Door Animal Sanctuary.

Doc is a very energetic Terrier mix. Since he isn't even a year old yet, he still has loads of "puppy energy" to run off. Doc is a good sized dog, he weighs 40 lbs and he is solid muscle. Children under 6 probably wouldn't be the best due to his size and energy level. He gets along well with other dogs, he loves to play. This is a boy that loves to exercise, a long hike is just what he needs. If you have an active lifestyle, Doc would love to go home with you.

Cody is a 5-year-old mixed breed guy that loves to play ball. This big guy loves to play fetch and can play for hours. Cody gets along well with other dogs and loves to visit in the yard. Cody needs an experienced adopter as he can be a little much to handle. Some people can be intimidated by a 90 lb active dog. Cody is very friendly and loves to have people pet him and scratch him behind his ears. If you want to have a great dog, and have the experience to handle him, come by and meet Cody.

Tadpole is a very active and very affectionate man that is 10 years old. He was just returned to the shelter due to a divorce, it's always the kids that suffer. Tadpole may be a bit older but he still has a lot of life in him. He loves to play and loves to chase toys across the floor. We had a hard time getting a picture of him, because he just won't sit still. Tadpole gets along with other cats, although he is sort of nervous being back here. Please come by and meet Tadpole and maybe you can give him his forever home.

Brooklyn has had quite a life so far. He was originally found as a stray roaming around New York City. A volunteer from Open Door actually picked him up and flew him back to us. He was then adopted and returned due to misbehaving children. He got adopted again and was recently returned because his family was moving. Apparently the state of Florida doesn't allow cats! Brooklyn is super sweet and loves to be held and cuddled. This big boy has given nothing but love in his 7 years on this Earth, and yet he hasn't gotten any in return. Maybe you can be the person that changes that.


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