Big Red, Dottie, Baby Boy, Sweetie Looking for a New Home

Dogs and cats available for adoption from the Open Door Animal Sanctuary.

Big Red is the best dog we have. Only 3 years old, this housebroken, mixed breed boy has plenty of energy. Red is 60 lbs of solid muscle, this is one strong guy. Little kids probably aren't suited for Big Red due to this strength, he could bowl over a toddler without even meaning to. Red does get along with other dogs, although he does prefer females, he's a ladies man. Red cannot go to a house with cats as he sees them more as toys than friends. If you are looking for an active guy to go on long walks and hikes with you, Big Red is your man.

Dottie is a 3 year old, Dachshund that is on the hunt for a quieter home. Dottie lived with a hoarder, and now in a kennel, so she deserves a little peace and quiet. This girl has been through it all, babies, mange, malnourishment, she's had it rough. Now she's healthy and ready to find that perfect home. She gets along with dogs and cats and really loves people. Almost  housebroken, she doesn't need too much training. Dottie is a great girl that needs a lot of love. If your house needs a little girl to make it feel like a home, please come down and meet Dottie.

Baby Boy and Sweetie are a pair of brothers that have decided they are finally ready for a home. When they came to us 3 years ago, they were both very shy. It's a big change going from the house you've lived in since you were a kitten to a shelter. They were stressed. After a while they warmed up to the employees, but were still scared of strangers. Finally they figured out the new people were good and they gave them lots of attention. Both of these boys are playful and sweet. Neither one likes to be held very much, but they love to be petted and Sweetie adores a good brushing. We would love to see them go to a home together, but we completely understand if you only have room for just one of these great guys. If you are looking for a couple of cats that will entertain you and love you, these are the boys for you.


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