Awesome Dogs and Interesting Cats Seeking New Homes

Dog and cats available for adoption from the Open Door Animal Sanctuary.

Big Red is an awesome dog. He is almost 3 years old, knows how to sit, and is almost housebroken. Red weighs in at 60 lbs and it's a great weight. He loves people and really enjoys getting attention. Red is a muscular boy, so an experienced dog owner would be best for him. He does not like cats, or maybe he likes them too much, so a home that is feline free is your best bet. Red is a little picky about the dogs he makes friends with, so he may do better as an only child. If you are looking for a dog to take for long walks, run and play with, and snuggle with, come on down and meet Big Red.

Bree is a very sweet Chow mix that's just about 50 lbs. She's an older girl that needs a little bit of extra attention to know that she is truly loved. Bree is roughly 9 years old and spent many of those years running wild. This girl is very affectionate, even though she is a little shy. She loves to go for walks and would make someone a wonderful hiking or jogging partner. Bree has become a favorite here at the shelter and everyone loves her. She has a personality that just melts everyone's heart. If you are looking to give a home to a lady that definitely needs one, please come down and give Bree a chance.
Josephine is the sweetest Himalayan cat you will ever meet. She is just over 1 year old and wants to be cuddled and held, when she's not playing that is. Josephine likes to play with little toy mice and it's a joy to see her throw them in the air and chase them down. Josephine may have longer hair, but she keeps it so clean and tangle free that it's easy to maintain. Josephine would prefer a quieter house, but she can adapt well to many situations. Josephine is waiting patiently for a new home, please come by and meet her. You are all but guaranteed to fall in love with her.
Sarah is a very interesting cat. She is almost 2 years old and is very playful. Sarah loves to play and she is quite an active cat, bouncing all over the place. She can also be very sweet and loves to be petted after she calms down from playing. If you're looking for a cat with an interesting color or pattern, then Sarah is your girl. Pictures don't do her justice, she is a marble tabby with swirls of orange running through her. If your house is in need of a little activity, drop in to meet Sarah.


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