7 Creative Uses for Bacon

Bacon is not only tasty, it’s a big business at Slice of Heaven, the Fenton bakery, and other local shops.

Bacon has been experiencing a popularity boom of late, defying its reputation as an artery clogging no-no. Not content to be a just a meaty accompaniment for your morning eggs, bacon has leapt off the breakfast plate and can now be found in snacks, desserts...and even your closet.

Here’s some of the most creative uses for bacon that Patch has found for your viewing pleasure, both on the Internet and right here in Fenton and High Ridge. Enjoy.

Bacon donuts: in Fenton has combined our two favorite breakfast treats, donuts and bacon. The Bacon Maple Long John tastes like a handheld pancake breakfast. Call ahead if you want a dozen and Slice of Heaven Bakery can set you up.

Bacon by any other name: , in Fenton, has an unusual sandwich that might only be appreciated by the true bacon lover. The “Smelly, Sticky Pig” is a grilled sandwich with bacon, blue cheese and honey on peasant bread. If you’re not feeling that adventurous, you can try the more traditional B.L.A.T. — a bacon, lettuce, avocado and tomato sandwich.

Bacon for Dinner: What do you get when The Hill meets the Bootheel? Why, Ozark Bacon Tortellini, of course. Stop by , in High Ridge, to get a plate of this bacon sprinkled delight.

Bacon Candy: Chocolate covered bacon has been popping up at state fairs, specialty chocolate shops and gourmet restaurants. You can drive to Webster Grove’s Cyrano’s Café to sample this unusual combination or you can whip up a batch at home. All you need is crispy bacon--drained and cooled--and a container of Dolci Frutta chocolate dipping sauce (available at ). Warm the chocolate and dip the bacon, then allow to cool and harden. Yum!

Bacon Wear: Tell the world how much you like bacon by wearing it on your shirt. Bacon Wrapped Tees has no fewer than 48 witty bacon silk screened T-shirts.

Bacon Instantly: No time to cook bacon? Hate the greasy mess? Then pick up a box of shelf stable pre-cooked bacon at your local , or . You can warm it up for breakfast, add it to a sandwich, or slap it right on your tongue.

Bacon Web: Can't get enough bacon? Put it on any website with Bacolicio.us, a gag site. Just add http://bacolicio.us/ to the front of any web address and feast your eyes. Want a sample? Try this.


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