6 Hotspots for Coffee and Wi-Fi

Nothing goes better with coffee than free Wi-Fi.

Patch searched Fenton and High Ridge for the best WI-FI hotspots where you can settle in with a cup of coffee and the Internet-surfing device of your choice. Free WI-FI is a must for business people on the go or wandering freelance reporters looking for a place to check their email and figure out who’s going to be on this season’s Dancing with the Stars.

offers free WI-FI along with a selection of Kaldi’s coffee, tea, fresh baked goods and café sandwiches. The WI-FI is private, so ask your server for the network key. Outdoor seating is available, as well as a few armchairs and tables. Russell’s also serves lunch, which means you’ll have to decide if you’re coming in for the Sunrise on Sourdough or the Ham and Smoked Gouda.

offers free WI-FI to its members and guests with a 60-minute limit. If you don’t have a library card, just check in with the information counter to get a guest password. Stop at the library's La Café for coffee, tea or soda and a multitude of breakfast snacks and lunchtime goodies. Tables and comfy chairs are available. And make sure you ask for one of those homemade brownies.

is the place to go for free WI-FI, deluxe coffee and premium bagels. It can get pretty crowded at the lunch hour if you’re more of a hot panini person. Order a plain coffee, and you can get free refills.

has complimentary WI-FI and a full line of Starbucks coffee drinks and tea. The pastries are decadent, the cookies freshly baked and the seating is plentiful. Plus, the atmosphere here is quiet—great for getting some work done.

has free WI-FI at all its locations. The ambience may not be the most conducive for work, but you can always grab your McCafé at the drive-through and log into their hotspot from the comfort of your car. Bonus note for parents: The McDonald’s at Highway 141 and Highway 44 has a play area, so you can surf the net while your kids burn off their McNuggets.

may not be the first place you think of for coffee, but Subway offers it and a full line of breakfast sandwiches if you’re in need of morning Internet access. WI-FI is available at the High Ridge location, courtesy of the UPS Store next door. (Not all Subways have WI-FI.)


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