6 Big Boy Toys for Father's Day

Does your dad have one of these on his wish list?

Ties are so cliché and your dad already has all the he needs. What if money was no object? Patch pulled together an amazing list of “big boy toys” from right here in Fenton that any dad would love to see on his driveway this Father’s Day.

The Batmobile. Yes, you heard that right, the Batmobile is for sale and it’s in Fenton. , an exotic car dealer and auction house, is currently offering a replica of the 1966 Batmobile based on a fully restored 1977 Lincoln. The car has a working Bat Beam, in dash TV with a PS2 game system and a simulated jet engine. Holy motor mania, Batman!

Classic Muscle. If the Batmobile is a bit too conspicuous for Dad, what about a classic car instead? Perhaps a ’67 Camaro with a 350 turbo engine? in Fenton sells hot rods of all stripes. Currently in stock is a classic ‘55 teal green Chevy, a ’61 Bentley and a purple ’97 Prowler with only 481 miles. Unfortunately, the ’81 DeLorean already sold, so Dad with have to put his flux capacitor in another car.

Drag Racer. If Dad has a need for speed that can’t be slaked by any street legal vehicle, then maybe Jerry Haas can help. in Fenton sells race car parts, chassis and builds custom drag racers in about six weeks. Haas has been building cars since 1973 and won his first Car Craft All-Star award in 1986.

Dirt Bikes. Does Dad likes to get dirty on the weekends? has dirt bikes, ATVs, dune buggies and electric utility vehicles for hunting. They also sell pocket bikes and scooters.

American Speed. Direct from Kentucky, nothing is more American than a Corvette. This puppy has a 6.2 liter V8 engine, 6-speed manual transmission with 424 foot pounds of torque. Hoo-wah! Find Dad’s new ride at in Fenton.

Ultimate Big Boy Toys. Bring back those fond memories of playing in the sandbox for your Dad with a stop by . Forget Tonka toys, Fabick has the real thing: dump trucks, front loaders, excavators and more. It also rents, so Dad could start digging that pool he’s always wanted.


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