5 Local Landmarks To Set Your Sights On

We may not have the Arch, but there’s still a few landmarks of note in the Fenton-High Ridge area.

St. Louis has the Gateway Arch and Collinsville has the World’s Largest Ketchup Bottle. So what does Fenton and High Ridge have in the line of memorable landmarks?

Pink Elephant. It may not put Jefferson County Fenton on the map, but the giant pink elephant at has helped many a local resident give directions. ("Take 141 past the pink elephant …")

A Really Big Compass. We’re not sure what the story is behind this local landmark at , but something tells us that a really big GPS wouldn’t look as cool.

Taj Mahal It’s Not. This mini castle at Swing Around Fun Town looks like something Arab Princess Barbie might have dreamed up if she had been dating Aladdin. And it’s just her size.

Fenton Falls. The builders of Gravois Bluffs wanted to give the town more than just a strip mall—they gave us the Fenton’s newest landmark at Hwy. 141 and Old Gravois Road. Bubble bath has only been poured into the waterfall, hmmm, a few times.

Heroes Memorial. No town is complete until they have a place to commemorate its heroes. This one in  is perfect, with flags, plaques and peaceful benches to sit and reflect on the meaning of it all.


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